8 Living Room Layouts That Suit All Tastes

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Hi readers, Imagine this scenario: fresh off of finding a house for rent in kuching, you want to jump to put your own spin to the space as soon as move in. But where to start? The living room is fast becoming the heart of the home. Gone are the days of formal living rooms and stuffy furniture. Nowadays, the living room wears many hats: it is where you relax, it is where you do your work, it is where you entertain, it is also the family room.

Two factors will decide if a living room layout is successful or not: room shape and your lifestyle. Some may prefer a symmetrical space with perfect proportions. Others may prefer the gentle chaos of eclectic mixing. But no matter if your living room is small or large, you can use these layout ideas to reflect your own personal style while still creating an inviting environment for your guests.

Here are 8 living room layouts you can consider for your space that is sure to appeal to anyone’s taste.

1. Symmetrical

Symmetrical spaces are more formal in setting. It could make your living room look very put together but it could also come off as kind of rigid. You can add some symmetry to your space by dividing the layout of the room in half, equally on either side. Arrange your furniture on each half of the room to mirror each other in placement. It can add a sense of balance to you space. But keep in mind that not everything has to come in sets of two. Try adding a bit of something that sets the symmetry just a bit off.

2. Minimalist

If your living room has architectural features that you want to highlight, a minimalist layout is just the thing to emphasize it. Incorporate some low-lying furniture with simple designs to emphasize the laconic quality of your modern living room. Forget the end tables, knick-knacks or table lamps. Leave the unnecessary clutter out of the picture and be able to just relish in the fine clean lines of your modern and minimal space.

3. Balanced

Forget the symmetry and get rid of the sofas. Rather, you can try arranging armchairs in a radial fashion around a circular coffee table or an ottoman. Place furniture around the room, centering on the radial arrangement in the middle. This anchors the space and creates a comfortable balance that promotes conversation. You can even center your whole conversation area under a lighting or fan located in the middle of the room to give your room the balance you crave.

4. Flowing

If you have a living room that is long, narrow and rectangular, do all you can to maintain a flow to your space from one end to another. Otherwise, you will just end up obstructing both the visual continuity and the flow of energy. You can create separate seating areas on each side of the room but bring the distinct spaces together with a backless daybed in the middle. This unifies your room and creates a recognizable flow that can help pull together a long narrow space and distract your eye from noticing the narrowness of your living room.

5. Harmonizing

If you like your furniture placement to be a bit more random, remember to keep everything in harmony. For example, you can incorporate seating of various shapes and sizes, but unite them with the same upholstery, either through pattern or color. Push the sofa against one wall and arrange the rest of the furniture in circles (not haphazardly, mind you) around a coffee table in the middle. Balance out the sofa with a backless bench on the opposite side of the room.

6. Playful

Not every design style has to be serious. If you like playing pool, you can incorporate it into your living room, and build your space around it. Have your pool table take the place of your conventional sofa and play around with your seating. If you have other gaming furniture in mind, go all out. Don’t let your treasured gaming furniture be relegated to the side stands. Let it take center stage to become the focal point of your space!

7. Small

Small spaces give you the option of using less furniture but still maintain a cozy environment and layout. See your small living room as an opportunity to experiment with furniture. Go for bold styles that distract the eye from noticing the limited space. For example, in lieu of a traditional sofa, place a settee in the middle of your room. Combined with two simple chairs (with or without arms), it provides plenty of seating for just the right amount of people. You can also add a small bench behind the settee to provide additional seating. Whatever the case, embrace your small space.

8. Artful

If you have a taste for art and like investing in it, by all means use it to its full potential in your living room. What’s the use of collecting art if you don’t display it? Build your space and furniture around your artwork. For example, place a low-lying sofa in front of a large painting so that it blends into the wall and allow your accessories and art to take center stage. You can even enhance the artful vibe of your living room by incorporating pieces of playful furniture like ottomans or arm chairs.

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