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So, after all these years of renting a house, you decided to get your own home. You’ve been hoping to get some plants to decorate your own home of dreams and while you are still looking for properties in Serdang for sale, here is how you pick a plant based on your personality.

Before we begin, here’s some questions for you. Are you a trend setter in your circle? Or do you have a habit to pinch pennies at every sale? Regardless of your personality traits, there is always a perfect plant for you. Here are some plants that actually match your personality with characteristics they have outlined below to discover your perfect plant pairing.

Black thumb - careless and clumsy
We have got a friend who could kill cactus (the strong surviving plant) and their carelessness has them precariously close to throwing the towel in and turning to the dark side of plastic plans. Don’t worry, there are still hopes for the clumsy person. There are certain fronds that will not only forgive you for neglecting but will love you for it all the time.

For those who belong to black thumb, Zanzibar is highly recommended. This particular gem can be place in a dark corner and if you forget to plant your gem, the plant still growing along just fine. You can find Zanzibar standing tall and fitting well in the pot.

Crazy plant lady - plant lover
Similarly like cat lady but with plants. The crazy plant lady’s house looks like a jungle and if they could sleep without the mattress and sleep on a bed of ivy, they would most certainly do.

The moment you step into the house, the struggle you will get is to find a spare glass in their house where all most likely are used for propagating. The walls probably resemble like a lab designer test tubes where they are making the most from every inch they can find.

The keyword for this trait is ‘propagate’ and the plant that propagates easily is Monstrea. It tends to be a favourite because of their robust aerial roots which is hard to go past vines like Devil’s ivy.

Health conscious - healthy lifestyle
This group of people who leave us with feeling inferior. They are always motivated to wake before sunrise, hit the gym or sipping their green juices on daily basis before you even had your morning coffee. While the health conscious category would not just pick a plant for it’s aesthetic appeal, their plant choices will have to contribute to their healthy lifestyle too.

The ideal plant for them would be air-purifying plants, they are not only best choice of rare breed. The name of the plant is mother-in-law’s tongue. The plant is a great choice for the bedroom as unlike many plants , this plant can produce oxygen at night, allowing you to breathe at ease every night.

Trendy hot - coolest
The plant serves as a prop for these trendsetters. Not only they need the coolest plant right now, they want to push new boundaries and they may even need to set some trends for themselves.

The list of latest fronds are probably at their fingertips like the begonia maculata, variegated monstera, and pilea and they are looking for something to really provide some Insta-worthy locations. For the trend setter, the plants that we highly recommend are from a faraway shore like the Stephania erecta or Christia vespertilonis.

High achiever - ‘kiasu’
For high achiever, there are no limits when comes to buying plant. However, by now they could have probably sold a kidney to get their hands on a variegated monstera deliciosa and now they have their wallet directed to a rare aglanoema pictum triclolor.

The Wallflower
There are some quiet achievers or anyone that goes about their business, sensitive and conscientious that never keen to take the spotlight but at the same time loving and caring. 

A terrarium like a nerve plan suits them the best. Though they are almost fragile and petite but their leaves look like purple butterflies that chase the sun and close up to sleep at night.

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  1. ada nampak jugak kat ioi mall jual pokok2 kecik camni....rasa nak beli satu letak kat meja kerja ....mungkin itu boleh bantu penulis macam saya dapat idea untuk menulis blog

  2. small plant is nice to put in office too. Good to see this post as my dear also put a plant in his office table, but sadly most time it died. It's very warm in the room and I was told feng shui is not good.

  3. Ouhh tak sangka pemilihan tumbuhan memainkan peranan dlm personality kita. Kalau sy, sy suka tumbuhan yg hijau. Xsuka yg berbunga2 sangat nie. Certain org suka bunga2, tp sy rasa hijau pon dah cukup berikan ketenangan

  4. wow this is a very interesting article. I love planting too. Seeing the green stuff is pretty relaxing and soothe the mood. Thanks for sharing

  5. geng Kiaaasu pun ada tumbuhan yang sesuai hehe..

  6. Kita suka juga letak pokok segar dalam pejabat terutama depan mata hehehe baru nampak segar dan bersemangat nak buat kerja hehehe betul memang mempengaruhi peribadi kita...

  7. tq for the info...very informative...i love plant all the green makes me feel relax and give a good mood

  8. Good sharing. Tak sangka pulak pemilihan pokok sangat penting dan memainkan peranan dalam personaliti kita ya .Pokok hijau kecil macam ni memang bagus dijadikan hiasan di pejabat atau rumah. Memberikan kita ketenangan .

  9. Sis suka jugak dgn tumbuh2an ni..suka tgok kehijauan yg dikeluarkan, cuma masalahnya sis tak pandai nk tanam n jaga. Penah tanam n jaga tapi semua tak jadi..walau dijaga dgn baik.mhuhuhu

  10. Heheh saya suka orkid je tu pun suami ya g tukang jaga hahahah..kalo plant kecik2 ni tak berapa nak suka sangat

  11. it's great to hv this kind of plant that can fit in own's personality.. great plant.. so beautyiful..

  12. I will probably suit the wallflower the most, always doing things in the background but will always be there for anyone who is in need.

  13. Thank you for sharing. Very good information. I really like to keep green plants.

  14. Teringat hubby ada beli plants banyak untuk hias rumah masa nak sambut TB and anak-anak dalam pantang ritu.. TB balik bersalin kat kg.. hubby hias rumah siap letak plants.. rumah jadi berseri kalau ada plant tu..

  15. akak memang suka tanam pokok. dalam list tu takda pula bg org yang berkebun dan tanam pokok yang utk dimakan. Menyediakan hidangan segar sayuran untuk seisi keluarga. hahaha. first pokok akak adalah bayam. hahaha

  16. Suka tgk pokok2 comel hias dlm rumah tp kak xdpt nk hias nti sibulus main haaa


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